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With superfoods and naturally found botanicals, give your skin a potent dose of goodness and hydration

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Introducing our Overnight Elixir. A powerhouse of Vitamins, essential fatty acids and the ultimate in anti-ageing superfoods working together to plump and hydrate the skin, naturally.

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A Focus On: Calendula

Calendula is the missing ingredient that you didn’t even know your skin needed

Traditionally, this incredible anti-inflammatory was used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine and is extremely moisturising. Not only does it provide the ultimate in nourishment instantly, in the long term, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help to protect your crucial collagen and elastin supply.

Calendula also protects your skin against free radical damage. Antioxidants, like the flavonoids in calendula extract, join forces with free radicals and basically neutralise them before they can do damage.

Powerhouse Ingredient: Seabuckthorn Oil

Seabuckthorn Oil is our powerhouse of naturally occurring Vitamin C. The nutritional profile of the fruit of the Seabuckthorn shrub contains over 190 nutrients and phytonutrients making it one of the most powerful superfoods available.  It also contains more Vitamin E than any other plant based oil known at this time. Essential fatty acids round out this incredible oil with Omega-3. Omega 6 and Omega-9. Topical application of Seabuckthorn oil promotes hydration, elasticity as well as being particularly useful for symptoms associated with many skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Superfood: Goji Berry Oil

Goji berry oil completes our potent elixir due to its incredible effect on collagen and elastin production. Goji berry oil has also been shown to reduce hyperpigmentation and works incredibly well with hydrators and barrier boosters, meaning that it’s a beautiful combination when combined with our other superfoods.

Our Signature Glow

Simplify your routine by locking in your evening skincare with this powerful Overnight Elixir or mix with your foundation for the ultimate daytime glow. There's not much this superfood oil can't do.

"I didn't think that results like this were possible from a 100% natural product"


"This product has become my new go-to. I wear it mixed with my tinted moisturiser and it's incredibly hydrating"


"Unbelievably soothing for my sensitive skin. I can use this and know I won't get a reaction. Will be ordering again!"


"I love this product. I use it on my face, neck and décolletage. It has been great on my acne scarring and doesn't cause a breakout"